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Bench Warrant gets a new look


I’ve been fooling around with covers again. I’m so pleased with the results of the new American Girl cover, that I decided to spruce up Bench Warrant in a similar way. To go with the new art, I gave Bench Warrant a new subtitle, similar to the subtitle I used for American Girl, which now includes (Gangbanged and Dominated). For Bench Warrant I went with Bench Warrant (Humiliated and Gangbanged). Ha-ha, I should create a random word generator for these subtitles.

American Girl is getting a lot of action at Barnes & Noble. If it is because of the subtitle and cover art, I hope to reproduce the magic with Bench Warrant (Humiliated and Gangbanged). If it works, look for more subtitles and covers in the weeks to come. One down side of the suggestive subtitles is that Amazon makes them a little harder to find in searches. This is troubling, but probably for the best as the moral majority seems to search for naughty titles and rally against the most egregious. Which means no profits and no one wants that.

What do you think of the new look? Egregious subtitles? I want to know in a comment down below. If anyone wants to check out the work, leave me a comment and I’ll respond with a free code for Smashwords. Why? I’m just a nice guy. But I also really want to know what people are thinking.

You can get a copy of Bench Warrant with the new art at Amazon or Smashwords. I just uploaded it, so it’s going to take some time to propagate through the Smashwords distribution system.

She wants to be in pictures


This is Nicki Pearl.

She’s eighteen, about to graduate high school. When her father isn’t looking at porn, he worries about his little girl.

She just lost her mother and now she’s acting out. Her father thinks that maybe he ought to do something for little Nicki, but he’s not sure what. She’s taking pictures of herself, so maybe get her started on a modeling career? He asks one of the photographers from work to help him out. Meanwhile, he marries one of the make-up artists from work. This woman is really good in bed, but she’s not so good with Nicki. He insists his new wife pitch in to help his daughter in her modeling career. He marshals all his forces with a single goal in mind. He wants his little girl to be a success. A smash hit.

He is her father, after all.

You know what?

He gets his wish.

But then he wishes he didn’t get it.

Read The Price of Fame. Free for a limited time (even at Amazon!).

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The Price of Fame is free for the next few weeks


Price of Fame is the dirty true confession of Milton Pearl, a father who enjoys looking at porn. He doesn’t realize it, but he is going to help his adorable eighteen-year-old daughter Nikki, become a porn star.

Nikki enjoys her newfound fame. Her father? Not so much. What is it with fathers and their teenage porn star daughters?

Find out!

Price of Fame is free at Smashwords and most e-book stores.

For some reason, Amazon is lagging behind with the price matching. If you want to get it from Amazon, perhaps use the link at the bottom of the Amazon Price of Fame page to tell Amazon about the lower prices (FREE) available on the web.

Rainbow Party is free to celebrate spring

rainbowparty (2)

Rainbow Party is free for the next few weeks. I love this story. I love Carly and Sam, the two teenage girls this story revolves around. I want you to love it too.

Try it out!

It’s free at Smashwords right now.

Soon it will be free at the other stores too. We’ll see if Amazon gives it a match.

I’ve been sending this around to some publishers that last few weeks. Here is how I’m describing the story:

A rainbow party is a potent urban legend. After being discussed on Oprah a few years ago, it caused a moral panic in the US. I love the idea of a moral panic from a society obsessed with sex and the innocence of girls. While my story doesn’t delve too deeply into cultural attitudes around gay sex, it does focus on society’s reactionary attitudes about sex in general and offers what I hope is an optimistic conclusion about the sexual mores of young adults.

Meanwhile, the story manages to be pretty hot. And sweet. There is some heterosexual sex, but the story revolves around two female leads–Sam and Carly–who fall for one another by the end, and do a lot of lusty girl groping and female flesh mashing throughout. I really like Sam and Carly and hope you will too.

Free Erotic Books at Smashwords 2014 Read an Ebook Week Promotion

I running a promotion at Smashwords March 2 – March 8!

Here is how it works:

Go to one of the linked pages below (click the image) and use the code in the checkout.

Some of the codes are free. Some are almost free (75% off).

Some of the books were already free and remain free (you don’t need a code to download).


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Her Last Trick, the latest offering from Pilgrim Press


Her Last Trick is available now. I am making it FREE at Smashwords for the first few weeks, because that’s just the kind of guy I am. I hope you like it. If you do, consider leaving a rating or a review. Books with ratings do a little better in the market place. Plus it makes old Huck feel all warm and tingly.

I got the amazing Joleene Naylor to do the cover. I just absolutely love it!

American Girl: a retrospecitve in covers


I just released a new edition of American Girl and with an updated cover (free for a limited time at Smashwords right now). I’m really proud of this latest cover, but I didn’t always feel that way. Here is the latest cover along with some of the earlier versions, going all the way back to the first effort.

americangirlamericangirl (2)americangirl-bigamericangirl-bigtoonamerican-girl-toon1americangirl-2014-2americangirl-2014americangirl11americangirl10americangirl9americangirl8americangirl5americangirl4americangirl3americangirl14americangirl13americangirl12americangirlamericangirl16americangirl17

2014′s newest. Bestest. Gayest. Erotica writer is me!


My contributor copies just arrived and I’m pumped. Somehow I got my story, Five-Finger Discount, past the incredibly talented Larry Dupechan’s eagle eye. Thank you Larry!

I’m just loving the ad copy their using all over for this one – here is a quote from the cover –

Huck Pilgrim lets you hear a cocky young shop-lifter whimper and beg as he endures the meaty punishment exacted by a muscle-daddy mall cop in “Five Finger Discount.

Oh, yeah.

Best of 2013: three stories from last year added to the ERWA Treasure Chest

ERWA (Erotic Readers and Writers Association) has added three of my stories to the Best of 2013 Treasure Chest:

Unlike the impermanent gallery posts, the treasurer chest posts persist forever (or as long as ERWA does).

Check it out!

Also, Goodbye Roger and A Small Favor are from my very first book, Summer Shorts.  To celebrate having so many of the stories from this collection (2 of 3) posted to the treasure chest, I’m making Summer Shorts free—now and forever more. It’s already free at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Apple and many others.

Amazon hasn’t price matched it yet, but I’m sure that will happen sooner or later.

Enjoy! If you like the work, please consider giving it a rating or a review. Ratings and comments help the books do a little better in the market place.

Summer Shorts 2 Free All Over the World. . . (Almost)


Summer Shorts 2 has three lusty tales of humiliation.

1) A girl earns a lusty reprieve from her arresting officer. 2) A boy turns a lusty trip to the mall into an opportunity to earn some spending cash. 3) And another girl, out for a little revenge sex, gets exactly what she’s looking for in the… men’s room.

Check it out. Everywhere — Smashwords, Apple, Sony or Barnes & Nobel. — but Amazon, who are slackers this holiday season.

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