The Neighbors Will Talk, only 99 cents for a limited time

Neighbors Will Talk - High Resolution

It’s coming together and I can’t wait until you guys can read it. Get your copy now.

It’s only 99 cents now, but that price won’t last forever. It’s on pre-release now, and it will be available on June 1, 2016. If you order it now, it will help the rank of the book, and make me smile.

You will get a serious discount.

When it goes on sale, I’m not sure what I’ll price it at, but I know it will be more.


Does that seem fair?

I will have to decide. I know you’re going to like it!

Here is the new blurb I just posted on Amazon.

When a young woman reaches the age of consent, she finds herself on the edge of something big.

Most girls navigate this time in their life without any problem. They meet older men who treat them with respect. They find confidants and mentors who help them make good choices.

Sometimes, however, that doesn’t happen.

Some girls find themselves thrust into a difficult situation, a place she can only escape by enduring sexual humiliations heaped upon her, either by her own hands or someone else’s. This book contains the stories of girls who struggle this way.

Each of them will have to lose it all to get to the other side.

Each of them will have to look inside to discover resources they didn’t know existed.

Gloria Dean is dating Donnell, a small-town drug dealer. Because he is black, Gloria’s family has ostracized her, making her vulnerable.

Rafia Saad is an immigrant, determined to fit in with her American friends. Her father insists she dress modestly and act chaste, like all good little Lebanese girls, but this only steels her resolve.

If you like shamefully hot stories of girls struggling to make sense of their sex powers, The Neighbors Will Talk is for you. It’s a collection of connected stories from Carnal, the small town on the edge of desire. This summer a married man goes too far with his babysitter, a young woman can’t stop cheating on her boyfriend, and another girl takes on an entire football team at an all-night party.

And then there’s the aftermath . . .

At long last, The Neighbors Will Talk is almost ready to publish…

Neighbors Will Talk - High Resolution

This is the cover for Huck’s latest and most ambitious project to day, The Neighbors Will Talk. It’s a collection of four existing stories, but they’ve been adapted to fit seamlessly together into a single narrative.

These are the adapted stories.

  • The Sitter Needs a Ride
  • Bench Warrant
  • American Girl
  • Dirty Business

Bench Warrant has changed the most. It has a new title, The Neighbors Will Talk (which is also the title of the entire collection). Huck is sending it out to beta readers later tonight. He hopes to have it posted on Amazon in the next 30 days or so. 

Look for it in stores and wish him luck!

It’s the 2016 Read an (erotic) e-Book Promotion only at Smashwords, all this week

Smashwords is running a promotion this week and Huck is going to participate. You can get any of his titles at a 50% discount all this week.

Here is how it works.

Go to the page for the book and use the code in the checkout.

Please consider adding a comment or rating. Huck loves to hear what you think about the work.

Thanks so much!

Gabby needs a Gangster is on sale over at Excitica this weekend


Sometimes you just need a gangster! Get your copy of Gabby Needs a Gangster right now. But it’s only for this weekend.

Gabby lacks confidence. She compensates by dating rebellious young men who scoff at convention and flout the law. Unfortunately for Gabby, the burglary her boyfriend takes her on goes awry and she finds herself abandoned at the luxurious house of a local mobster. Gabby will have to rely on pools of confidence and resilience she didn’t know she had to get herself out of this mess. When the night is over she will emerge more confident and self-assured, but she may have to get in bed with the mob to get through this night.

If you want, leave me some feedback about the story. I am always interested in what readers think of the work.


Ain’t No Shame in Bein’ a Ho is free over at Excitica this weekend

Aint No Shame - High Resolution

Ain’t No Shame in Bein’ a Ho is free over at Excitica this weekend. But it’s only for this weekend. Go over now and get your copy.

Maverick teacher, Ryan Reeves, loves his students, and is willing to do anything to help inner city girls succeed. He is young, male and white. He grew up in a wealthy neighborhood in Connecticut, and now he is in the Bronx to help underprivileged girls succeed. Ryan wants his students to succeed not only in school, but in life. He has a secret methodology that actually works. He doesn’t judge the girls he meets in the Bronx. His only rule is that all the girls must all believe to achieve. Fair warning: Ryan Reeves is an alpha male, but he is no savior!

If you want, leave me some feedback about the story. I am always interested in what readers think of the work.


Huck is a member of the top 100 Amazon author club

One of my fellow writers of erotica mentioned to me something about the top 100 Amazon authors, which I didn’t even realize was a thing. But it is a thing. Amazon tracks metrics that determine who the top authors are on the Amazon store for any given date. There is a chart with a history and you can look at it and you can fuss with the time length. So, of course, I went to the site to futz with the chart. 

I’m a Top 100 Amazon author for erotica!  Hahha, get the fuck out of here!

It’s true.

I didn’t even realize. It happened last August and I didn’t know. August 4, 2015, to be exact.

On that day, I topped out at author #39, a personal best.


It lasted for a day. Well, actually, on August 5 I was author #91.

So, two days.

I attribute my success to being published in Larry Duplechan’s fine collection of stories, Best Gay Erotica 2014, which featured my story Five-Finger Discount. Larry is a fabulous editor, by the way, and a pleasure to work with. I think Best Gay Erotica 2014 had a really good month in August, and (I guess) between that and my regular sales, it pushed me up the charts.

One day I hope to hit those heights again, but I didn’t want to let this accomplishment pass without a mention.

American Girl discounted only at Excitica this weekend!


American Girl is one of my favorite stories.

I wrote and rewrote it three times over the course of a few years to get it just the way I wanted it. Rafia Saad is a young woman driven by her desires. She’s fallen in with a bad crowd that uses her badly, but that just makes you a little more likely to feel pathos for her, despite the way she lets her needs drive her in this. I don’t know why I am infatuated with characters like Rafia. I don’t know why Carnal is populated with such terribly selfish people. It’s the only kind of erotic fiction I seem able to write. And in this one I just love how all the elements came together. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Huck loves to hear your thoughts.

American Girl is marked down this weekend, only at Excitica. Get it while it’s cheap!

Orange You Glad? is on sale at Excitica this weekend!

Orange You Glad?

Orange You Glad? is the companion book to Cherry, Oh, Baby, by H.G. Lightly. You know you want this. Get it now, while it’s on sale.

Normally 2.99, now only 0.99.

Cherry has a plumbing problem and needs someone to snake her drain. Peter wants to enter virgin territory with Cherry, but will he be too late? And Tina has a chance to ride a wave with a cute surfer girl.

In Orange You Glad?, Cherry, Peter and Tina are back at it, trying to figure out how their Three’s Company situation will work out. The three-way was great, with everyone getting a little taste of something new, but now what? Peter still wants Cherry, and he’s not selfish; he’ll share. Tina wants Cherry, but she’s finding sharing to be more difficult than she’d thought; after all, she had Cherry first, doesn’t that count for something? Cherry doesn’t know what the hell she wants, but she does know she doesn’t want to choose. What’s worse, she doesn’t seem to want to limit the playing field; do lesbians still call themselves lesbians when they’re screwing everything in pants? Follow the adventures of our three fruity lovers as they journey through deliciously juicy territory.

Bailey, the Family Pet is free for a few days


Go get a free copy of Huck’s first erotic fantasy novel.

In a world where biotech has given the human race a new hormone that allows people to transition to pets, a middle aged man walks his young female pet through the park. She is eighteen, lean and nude. She walks at the end of a short leash. She can no longer speak. The hormones have taken that power from her. Her libido is raging on high. She eats kibble from a bowl in the garage. Human pets are the new Viagra. Bailey is one such pet. Why did she do it? She is young and beautiful and her many friends from the Brynmoore swim club adore her. But Bailey has a terrible secret. Becoming a human pet is her last good hope for a satisfying life. Bailey the Family Pet is the tale of one woman’s quest to discover herself in a hostile world that’s new and changing.