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Stranger Than Fiction by Delores Swallows

Stranger than Fiction 200x300 (72dpi)

Delighted to introduce one of my fellow authors, Delores Swallows!

Today Delores releases onto the unsuspecting public a most fascinating erotic story. It’s Stranger Than Fiction (and it really is). Get this: Ole’ Huck Pilgrim and his work make a cameo in Delores’s fine new work! That’s right. You are reading and suddenly you’re confronted with a Huck Pilgrim, and his tales of a love and abandon in the small town of Carnal.

When Delores first approaches me with the idea I was flattered. Who wouldn’t be? And then a few weeks (months?, days?) later, I got to read the story. It’s such a delight!

From the front cover:

James writes erotic fiction. His latest story describes the adventures of Ruby, a happily-married woman in an open relationship. When James writes a sex-scene which leaves Ruby unsatisfied, she turns up in his real life to demand more from her encounters.

Ruby’s presence starts to impact on James’s relationship with his wife, with embarrassing consequences…

And of course old Ruby suggests maybe she might come on over to Huck Pilgrim Presents for an author who knows how to show a character a good time. Hahah, I love it. You will too. I am just hoping Ruby shows up tonight, after I shut down the computer and make my way to bed.

But, seriously, fans, check out Stranger Than Fiction.

It’s available where ever quality porn, er, EROTICA, is sold. Right now I can only find it at Selena’s, but soon it will be all over. And if you see Ruby before I do, tell her Huck is at the computer ready to rumble!

Hungry Hole


New work!

This is a little bit of a departure for me. It’s Christian porn!

No really. Here is the short description:

A good little Christian girl wakes from an erotic dream, believing the Rapture has happened–she’s been left behind in a world filled with sexy sinners!

Okay, maybe not Christian porn, but certainly Rapture erotica! If you’re down with the end times, you’ll want to read Hungry Hole. To celebrate, I’m giving out Smashwords codes for free books.

Put the book in the Smashwords cart, then use this code at check out:  SP65D

It’s good for one month from today. So July 25.

If you get to this page after that date and you want a fresh code, you just have to ask. I am really generous when it comes to the work. To contact me, leave a comment on the blog works best. I read them all.

Gabby Needs a Gangster is live for your reading pleasure


New work!

You know you want to read it!

Here is the tag line for Gabby Needs a Gangster:

A troubled girl gets caught red handed and must get in bed with the mob!

Hell yes! Go on, get it! I’ll help you out with a free coupon from Smashwords. Put Gabby Needs a Gangster in your shopping cart at Smashwords, and then use this code: KV29V

This code is good until July 12, 2015.

If you visit this page and find the coupon expired, you can get another by simply leaving a comment and asking for one. I’m really big on being generous. I have to be. Many people have been generous with old Huckie.

Keep coming back to the blog. I’ve got more new work coming and more giveaways planed.

And remember, if you like the work, or if you have any thoughts at all about the work, please leave a comment, either here or on of the book sales sites like Amazon or Smashwords. Books with reviews tend to do a little better in the market. Plus it makes Huckie feel all good inside.

And Happy Father’s Day America!

I miss New York


Read an ebook with one hand, masturbate with the other!


This week is Read an eBook Week at Smashwords. To celebrate, we’re marking down all of our titles. Some are free, some are 50% off. Get yours now!

And then read it with ONE HAND while you MASTURBATE with the other!

Go to Smashwords and take advantage of this great deal.

If you read one of our books, let us know what you think with a rating, a review or a comment. Thank you so much.

H.G and Huck LOVE the comments!

Gentleman: a new release from Angelica Dawson


Harrold lives an empty life. He has no joy in his marriage, no love of his work. His only reprieve is found at the hands of the whores, the ones he pays to beat and debase him. Upon being accepted into Blue Moon House, he learns the real cost for his desires, and what underlying need is really aching to be filled.

Excerpt from Gentleman:

It was late when he stumbled into the bedchamber. Veronica had trimmed the lamp, but the soft glow showed her delicate features, even more lovely in sleep. No frowns, no pinched lips, just the beautiful girl he had been happy to marry.

Kneeling by the bed, he kissed the tip of her nose and her forehead. Once undressed, he didn’t bother with a nightshirt, curling up behind her and sliding one arm under her pillow. The other rested on her belly. Despite tiredness and the need to be in the office tomorrow, Harrold couldn’t sleep. His hand felt the seam in Veronica’s dressing gown, fiddled with the lace hem, brushed the skin underneath. He teased so carefully, so lightly, that she hadn’t woken by the time he touched the hair on her sex.

Surprised, he paused, but aside from a snuffle and shifting slightly onto her back, Veronica gave no indication of noticing him.

He combed his fingers through her hair, astonished by the slight dampness he’d never felt there before. She seemed to respond to his touch viscerally but didn’t wake.

Eventually, he was dragging his fingers up and down that moist slit, listening to her breathing become less even and inhaling her musk. Her breasts rose and fell in shaking heaps.

She woke with a groan. “What? How? Harrold?” The last was exasperated.

“Yes?” He didn’t see any need for shame. She had been enjoying it. To prove his point, he slid his finger over her clitoris. Her eyes fluttered before focusing again.

“That might be…good, but don’t…think of…” she was having trouble making her point.

“Just relax,” Harrold suggested, becoming very slightly rougher in his handling, faster. His fingers slid lower and dipped into her.

Purchase Gentlemen:

Sign up for a free “Rafflecopter” copy of Gentlemen! Details at Angelica’s blog.

Angelica Dawson is the author of Blue Moon House, which has been in the top ten best-selling titles at Naughty Nights Press for over six months. She has also written two short stories, “The Highest Bidder” and “Leave Taking” which were each included in anthologies. She contributes flash fiction to several blogging collectives and excerpts from work in progress can also be found on her blog ( She is active on Facebook ( and Twitter (@angelicadawson). She has been writing for several years and having sex a lot longer than that. Angelica is a wife, mother and environmental consultant. Her love of plants and the outdoors is not diminished by the bloodsucking hoards – mosquitoes and black flies, not vampires.

How to make a pornographer’s day


I submitted Rainbow Party to an online contest, and found this lovely gem of a comment this afternoon:

I will give you one thing, Huck, you are a daring man. I’ve never read anything by you that wasn’t ambitious, controversial, and served raw with the red part showing.

For my part, I love your style. It’s great. Like a gut punch, it takes your breath away and leaves you open-mouthed, ready for the ram-rod of tight, true, uncomfortable stories that you always seem to have on the menu.

Your stories are unapologetic, fiercely so, painfully so, at times. Yet, this story was sexy and sensual and sinister and sweet, all at once.

I don’t know how many fans you will make with your writing–it’s fucking sentence sandpaper, abrasive and rough–but count me as one.

I think you have a ton of talent. This was an excellent story, as colorful and hard to swallow as the dicks at that party.

There you have it my friends. A pornographer’s day has been made!




Smashwords big summer/winter promotion is FAP FAP FAP fabulous

Smashwords is running a promotion this month and I’ve agreed to participate. You can get any of my books for free all this month.

I’m already seeing a bunch of “sales” come through and I couldn’t be more pleased. If you like the work, please consider leaving a review or a rating. Huck loves the feedback. And books with reviews tend to do a little better in the market, too.

Go to the page for the book and use the code in the checkout.

Jennifer Needs a Job


Jennifer Needs a Job is live at Smashwords!

This is my new idea for short stories, and I wanted to see what people think of the concept. The idea is to use the same general plot for each story, but invest in making the characters seem vivid and real. So, for example, it’s always the same sex act (a blow job). But there’s always a different reason for the character to go down on her (or his!) knees.


There is always a creampie!

So it’s blow jobs and creampies.

For every story.

I don’t know.

I am going to see what I can do with it.

But Jennifer Needs a Job is a great story. Check it out! This one is on me. The Smashwords code for the next 30 days is: JK66A.

If you like it, please consider leaving a review! Books with reviews do a little better in the market.

Thank so much for your help!