50 Cents, 50 Percent off: Read an Ebook Week Free (mostly) Giveaway

by Huck Pilgrim


Pilgrim Press is giving away most of its books at Smaswords! You can go to Smashwords, add the code REW50 and get 50% percent off.

This means most of our books are FREE!

How so? Because, I suppose, at 0.99 cents for most of our stories, they doen’t want to charge you 0.49 and one half cents, USD, for the pleasure of reading. They want you to be happy!

We want you to be happy!

So go. Right now. Get thee to Smashwords and read a free book. If you like the work, give it a review. If you hate the work, let us know why. Sure, one star reviews make us sad, but no reviews makes us even sadder. Go! Be happy. Be horny.

Read a little erotica.